“FIVA works to preserve, protect and promote historic vehicles. By marking anniversaries and preserving memories of races like the Belgrade Grand Prix with joint forces, viribus unitis, we are sending a message to young people to percieve and preserve historic vehicles as movable heritage, nurturing heritage and memories of races for future generations.”

The FIVA Culture Commission strategy is based on preservation, protection and promotion of historic vehicles as well as related objects. It’s main task is to preserve and safeguard the history of vehicles including their engineering, form, functions and documented history, as well as their abundant and diverse relationships with society and social environments.  

The commission supports projects that interpret this specific heritage, making it understandable and appreciated on a global scale. It underlines the value of mobile technical heritage, since its testimony to social, economic and environmental changes through history.




The Serbian Association for Historic Vehicles, FIVA, UNESCO, the Embassy of Italy in Belgrade, the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure of Serbia and AMSS together start a ride that takes us from the past by reviving the legendary Belgrade Grand Prix.

The Serbian Association for Historic Vehicles brings together automobile and motorcycle clubs with a great tradition that began in the sixties of the last century.

The association was founded in 2010, after which it immediately became a member of FIVA (Federation Internationale de Vehicules Anciens) and one of it’s key initiatives is preserving the memory of the Belgrade Grand Prix.